GS-35B 2,5kW Power Tube. New in Box! 



With 4kV on plate >3.0 kW can be expected on 144MHz in a grounded grid amplifier!


Intermodulation distortion of the 3rd order - minus 32 dB

Anode Dissipation - 2.5 kW

Grid Dissipation - 26 W

Cathode- Oxide coated Heater voltage - 12,6V

Heater current - 2.95A

Maximum CW Anode voltage -4.0 kV

Maximum Instantaneous value Anode voltage-8.0 kV

Maximum CW Cathode current-1.4 A

Transconductance at Ua= 2.0 kV Ia = 350 mA -->32.5 mA/V

Capacitance Input /Output /Feed-through / -21 pF /4.4 pF/0.12 pF-Max.

Seal and Envelope Temperature -200 C

Maximum Length -177 mm Maximum Diameter -100 mm

Weight with heat sink: 2.5 kgs

Operating Position -Any

The so called "Specification Sheet" for the GS-31B/GS-35B was provided for the tubes as they were produced in the Soyus (Union-engl.) factory for the Russian military and select civil aviation customers. These tubes were produced primarily for use in UHF RADAR applications. The factory was manufacturing the tube in such a manner as to guarantee their performance under the specified conditions. The plate dissipation of 1,500 watts was a MINIMAL CONSERVATIVE rating for this tube in service above 800 MHz. Use of this tube in the spectrum occupied by the amateur bands 160 meters through 70 centimeters was never specified nor measured.  You can also exceed the rated anode voltage specification of 3,000 volts to as much as 4,500 volts. The majority of users are operating their amps with anode voltages between 2,500 and 3,000 Volts. They make a mistake and the grid current overload. It is better use the maximize anode voltage.

Caution should also be exercised when operating the tube with filament voltages that may go below the nominal 12.6 volts. If your line voltage drops enough to cause your filament voltage to go below this level, you should adjust the filament voltage so that it will stay at or slightly above 12.6 volts under all conditions. Low filament voltage not only contributes to rapid tube failure, it will also cause your tube to have low output. Some users claim to run the filament voltage as high as 14 volts. Unlike directly heated cathode tubes, significant loss of the oxide coating on the indirectly heated cathode can occur with low filament voltages. High filament voltage can significantly shorten the life of the tube. You may shorten the life of the tube slightly by raising the filament voltage but not nearly as much as you will shorten it running low voltage. Always provide for a method to test and adjust your filament voltage.

 2m GS35B PA

 2m 2,5-4KW RX1AS style.The best 2m GS35B PA

 2m  40w to 1kW  GS35B PA

 2m GS35B PA

 2m+70cm DL4MEA

 2m 2XGS35B PA from F5MSL,F1FRV

 2m GS35B PA   100W to 2kW

 2m GS35B 2-4kW PA (copy from RX1AS)

 6m 2kW GS35B PA   Made in Japan   FB

 6m,4m,2m.70cm  GS35B PA for  "Lazy Builders"

 6m 1,5kW GS35B PA


 6m 60W>1,5kW  GS35B PA from GW8IZR VFB!

 70cm 2KW GS35B PA

  HF GS35B  1,5kW PA from PA3HBT

  HF 3xGS35 6.0kW PA   HF  GS35B PA from W5RR (Henry 2K mod.)

  HF  GS35B PA from WB8WJU

  HF 160m  GS35B PA from VK3ZL

  6m/HF 1,5kW GS35B PA from GD0TEP

 6m 1,5kW GS35B PA from W7IUV

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 HF  GS35B "Discovery" UK made PA's

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